Sunday, June 4, 2017

GAFCON set to reveal missionary bishop to UK

From Premier-

GAFCON, a worldwide group of conservative Anglicans, will this week announce who it has appointed as missionary bishop to oversee churches in the UK.

Last month, it revealed plans to bring in somebody to minister to those who feel the Church of England and the Scottish Episcopal Church have become too liberal in their stance on homosexuality.

Addressing the issue on Premier's News Hour, Most Rev Peter Jensen, GAFCON's General Secretary and a former Archbishop of Sydney, said: "There are many issues that divide us, where we have diverse opinions, and that's OK - but some of them are so important that a stand has to be taken. A painful and costly stand.

"The Primates believe that this present matter is one of those things and the Bible is as clear as can be - that to embrace the view that the practice of homosexuality is OK is wrong according to the Bible.

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