Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Scottish Anglicans will decide this week about same-sex weddings

From The Church Times-

THE Scottish Episcopal Church reaches a landmark moment this week as its General Synod prepares to vote on whether to allow clergy to conduct marriages for same-sex couples in church.

While welcoming same-sex marriage may be the “easier” option, the Church will face challenges whatever the result, the Primus, the Most Revd David Chillingworth, has warned.

“If the vote is approved, we face all the challenges of operating the guidelines which we have drawn up to manage the diversity [of views on marriage],” he said on Monday. “If the vote doesn’t go through, there will be deep distress on the side of those who have been strong advocates of the change.”

Bishop Chillingworth was speaking ahead of the Synod, which is due to gather in St Paul’s & St George’s, Edinburgh, on Thursday. The first session will centre on a second reading of a revised Canon 31 on the solemnisation of holy matrimony, which was produced two years ago by the Faith and Order Board at the request of the Synod (News, 13 June 2015).

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