Monday, June 5, 2017

We Need a More Accommodative Security Plan for Martyrs Day

From Uganda-

Over the weekend, an estimated two million people descended on the Wakiso district suburb of Namugongo for the Martyrs day celebration on June 3, an annual event that continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

The crowd that gathers at Namugongo - at both the Anglican and Catholic shrines - ahead of the often vibrant celebrations is arguably the largest assembly that Uganda hosts in one venue in a single week each year. By comparison, the Namugongo crowd could fill the 40,000-seater football stadium at Namboole 50 times over.

As expected, therefore, a crowd of that nature is guaranteed to pose logistical nightmares for the organisers of this remarkable event and unfathomable dilemmas for the security forces in this era of global terrorism.

In a bid to ease their work, the security agencies have often opted for sweeping measures such as blocking all access roads to the Namugongo area. The result is an indiscriminate refusal to allow anyone using motorized means of transportation to access Namugongo for nearly a week.

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