Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Nashville's Episcopal Church remembers 1892 lynchings in city

From Tennessee-

A mob of thousands witnessed and participated in the lynching of Ephraim Grizzard on Woodland Street Bridge in the middle of the afternoon more than 125 years ago.

After seizing him on April 30, 1892 from the Nashville jail — where Grizzard

His story was one of three remembered Wednesday at the "Reclaiming Hope Through Remembering" worship service at the Fisk University Memorial Chapel.

Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee Task Force on Anti-Racism hosted the service in conjunction with the Christian Scholars' Conference at Lipscomb University.

The task force organized the service not only to remember stories like Grizzard's, but also to seek redemption for such atrocities that plague Tennessee history.

was being held for the alleged assault of two girls — the crowd beat him, stabbed him and hung him before shooting him more than 50 times.

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