Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Presiding bishop of Episcopal Church relies on Jesus to reach nones and millennials

From Richmond-

In 1607, the Prayer Book came ashore at Jamestown with Captain John Smith. The first Anglican service in North America occurred earlier and elsewhere. In 1579, Sir Francis Drake pulled into a Pacific bay to repair a ship. A clergyman aboard celebrated a service while work proceeded. The event took place near the Golden Gate. Jerusalem’s Golden Gate has been closed since the Middle Ages for reasons sacred and strategic. California’s Golden Gate connects San Francisco and Marin. Many have left their heart there and found their souls in the truths Drake’s men heard. The Episcopal Church long has been associated with the American establishment — it has been called the Republican Party at prayer, a designation no longer apt, alas, for a GOP that has strayed. Mischievous wits delight in noting that the Anglican Communion was introduced to the continent by an explorer the Spanish considered a pirate.

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