Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rowan's second address

Rowan takes his brothers and sisters to task over the recent unpleasantness in the church.

"What we seek to do in our context is to bring Jesus alive in the minds and hearts of the people of our culture. Trying to speak the language of the culture and relate honestly to where people really are doesn’t have to be a betrayal of Scripture and tradition. We know we’re pushing the boundaries — but don’t some Christians always have to do that? Doesn’t the Bible itself suggest that?"

The Text can be found here-

Form the Guardian -

"What was seen as "confused or reckless innovation" in some provinces was felt by others to be a "body blow" to the integrity of church mission, he said. "The reaction to this is in turn felt as an annihilating judgment on a whole local church, undermining its integrity and pouring scorn on its witness. We need to speak life to each other and that means change.""

From the London Times -

"Dr Williams accused the bishops of too often “pouring scorn” on the witness of the Church, undermining its legitimacy as a result. He advocated the adoption of a covenant of belief to prevent disintegration, and called for bishops to be more generous to each other in the struggle to maintain unity of the 80-million strong Anglican Communion."

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