Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lambeth participants reshape 'indaba' process (sounds like some small mutinies going on)

Looks like the participants are taking charge and not letting the planners of the conference move them in a particular direction. I was once told that if you wanted something to pass quickly and with little discussion put it at the end of the meeting. (Doesn't Brando looking absolutely smashing in those brass buttons and that hat?)

"This conference -- the 14th since 1867 -- is the first to use the format and it was designed to provide a different method of communication than the sometimes-divisive resolutions and voting that are characteristic of parliamentary-style debate. Based on a Zulu concept, "indaba" refers to a group meeting where conflicts can be aired and a consensus agreement reached.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, speaking in a brief interview before the bishops' traditional group photo, acknowledged that "there are some frustrations, but it's important to let the process progress. We are working at getting it right." The majority of the groups are working as hoped, he said.

Bishop Jack Iker, Diocese of Fort Worth, said his indaba group "saw a dramatic change today" and "seized control of its own agenda." If the group waited to talk about such issues as sexuality, "we'd all be tired and impatient," so it decided to begin such discussions on July 28."

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