Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lambeth Voices: a panel of Anglican bishops share their views

A smattering of comments from Lambeth. This one from Ian Ernest, Archbishop of the Indian Ocean, Bishop of Mauritius - (Looks like a nice place)

“I’ve been part of the design group amid the prevailing tensions and we thought this process would focus on togetherness to share in prayer and to address issues together. We have to do this in a spirit of frankness, humility and would love the Communion to express its faithfulness to the Word of God, because it has the capacity to be comphrehensive, but there are limits to our actions and to our decision or else they threaten the bonds of unity that hold us together. The Covenant is a base for mutual respect and to how our freedom is limited by the freedom of the other. If we are all eager to be humble in this process, communion will grow for Jesus Christ himself is love for the salvation of all people.”

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