Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lambeth Diary Day 7

"Reflecting upon the Lambeth Conference
Delegates to the conference were given the first draft of a "reflections" document that will, at the end of the July 16-August 3 event, sum up the bishops' deliberations.

Archbishop Roger Herft of Perth (pictured), who is the chair of the "reflections group" that will produce the document, said that facilitators in the 16 bishops' discussion groups are recording the deliberations. They will be collected in order to "provide a document that produces a living, breathing narrative of the conference," said Herft.

The first draft reflected talks on Anglican identity, evangelism, social justice and ecumenism. Further sections will be developed and the goal is to produce a finished document on August 2, the day before the conference ends. It is due to be made public the next day."


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