Monday, July 28, 2008

Windsor Continuation Group - Preliminary Observations to the Lambeth Conference (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

A preliminary report about the state of the communion in anticipation of discussions about the covenant. From the official Lambeth web page.
Its pretty detailed -
  • Through modern technology, there has been active fear-mongering, deliberate distortion and demonising. Politicisation has overtaken Christian discernment.
  • Suspicions have been raised about the purpose, timing and outcomes of the Global Anglicanism Future Conference; there is some perplexity about the establishment of the Gafcon Primates' Council and of FOCA which, with withdrawal from participation at the Lambeth Conference, has further damaged trust.
  • There are growing patterns of episcopal congregationalism throughout the communion at parochial, diocesan and provincial level. Parishes feel free to choose from whom they will accept episcopal ministry; bishops feel free to make decisions of great controversy without reference to existing collegial structures. Primates make provision for episcopal leadership in territories outside their own Province.

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