Friday, August 22, 2008

African food crisis is part of a ‘silent tsunami’

Church Times report on the crisis in East Africa. More examples of the church doing good work for the benefit of others.

“We could see a lot of fields were ploughed, but nothing was growing, as they had been forced to eat the seed. That’s led to this problem of a decline in agricultural production. We visited a number of families whose children were severely malnour ished, and one family had decided to sell their share in a cow to raise money to buy food. “We also went to a market and spoke to grain traders, who said the price of grain had gone up three- fold since January, and people in the community could not afford to buy anything from the market.” Tearfund has set up an emergency feeding programme, targeting malnourished children, and a seed-distribution loan scheme, under which, it is hoped, farmers can repay in kind in the future. It is also working through a network of 70 churches to set up a money-saving scheme to help the community in lean times in the future.

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