Saturday, August 23, 2008

More good stuff happening in the Episcopal Church

A story from Galveston Texas about Michael Gemignani, associate rector at La Marque’s St. Michael’s Episcopal Church - he offers a vision of church a little different from the many mega-church models.

“I pastured an Episcopal church in Freeport for some 16 years,” he said. “Within two or three years after arriving, I gave a series of sermons on healing. And I offered the laying on of hands and anointing for healing within our regular Eucharistic services. “I thought only a few would come forward. Everyone came up. And they kept coming up each first Sunday, year after year, and were still doing so when I retired. I was told we had some physical healings, but people came again and again because they sensed God’s power in the sacrament of healing. Deep healing was taking place and people felt it or they could not have continued to come again and again. Lives were changed.”

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Robert said...

It is so refreshing to see a conservative (if I may use that word) committed to remaining in the Episcopal Church and finding good stuff happening. It lifts my heart on our future together.