Sunday, August 17, 2008

True Christian Unity? Reflections on the Lambeth Conference

The Rev Dr. Ephraim Radner has a long but very good analysis of the hopes for the Anglican Communion post-Lambeth. Ephraim was one of the drafters of the Anglican Covenant and committed to staying in the Episcopal Church. There are several other pieces on the blog by him.

"And what if churches and bishops and dioceses simply continue to “do what is right in their own eyes”, despite the consensus of the Conference’s voice? The Archbishop noted that “if the north American churches don’t accept the need for moratoria then, to say the least, we are no further forward”; indeed, we “continue to be in grave peril” and the hopes of the Covenant itself are undermined. ACI reiterates its view that there is a need for some concrete response of relationship now in the face of rejection of moratoria if the Communion is to get beyond its current morass, even in spite of the new clarities offered above. The rejections of the moratoria are already evident in some cases, and likely soon in others on all sides. Unless the Pastoral Forum, the Primates, the Joint Standing Committee and the Archbishop are willing to respond relationally, according to the reasonable and Christian parameters that a “communion” embodies and intends, what was seen as a way forward is no doubt only a glimpse before a backward fall."