Sunday, August 17, 2008

Church Times says Diocese of Ft Worth is going to Rome.

In spite of protestations to the contrary The Church Times is reporting that the Diocese of Ft. Worth is going to Rome, lock stock and barrel.
(On Aug 18th I received an e-mail from Pat Ashworth at The Church Times who wanted you all to know that this article had gone to press before Bishop Iker issued his denial even though it was published afterward.)

"A record of a meeting between clergy members of the US Episcopal diocese of Fort Worth, which has aligned itself to the province of the Southern Cone, and the RC Bishop of Fort Worth, the Most Revd Kevin Vann, came to light this week. The clergy are requesting the necessary guidance for making a proposal to lead the diocese into full communion with Rome. The clergy say that they have the “unequivocal support” of the Bishop of Fort Worth, the Rt Revd Jack Iker. They describe the Archbishop of Can ter bury as “incapable of provid ing decisive leadership”, and declare that “a magisterium is absolutely essential”. They describe the Roman Catholic Church as “the one true Church”, and insist: “The Protestant/ Low Church teachings, the Liberal experiential teachings are just not true [their italics]. The Catholic faith, the Catholic practice, the Catholic teaching — is true.”"
Its all here-

Of course the bishop of Ft Worth has denied this. I posted that several days ago. It can be found here-

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