Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lambeth Conference 'dominated by western bishops'

"Surprise surprise, Sergeant Carter", he said tipping his hat. Lambeth was dominated by the west. Well if the "Global South" decides not to show up what do you expect?

"The majority of African bishops boycotted the Lambeth Conference with 209 of the continent’s 324 diocesan bishops absent. As many African as American bishops attended Lambeth with the continent sending 127 bishops: 115 diocesan and 12 suffragan. Bishops from every Province but Uganda registered for the conference. Two Nigerians bishops took part. The Church of Nigeria had one registration: the Rt Rev Cyril Okorocha of Owerri. However, Bishop Okorocha pulled out of the meeting at the last minute after having faxed in a confirmation of his attendance on July 19. The second Nigerian bishop at Lambeth was a Roman Catholic archbishop, part of the seven-man team from the Vatican. One Rwandan bishop was present, and Kenya had 17 bishops registered. However, only five of the Kenyan bishops were present for Lambeth and one left after the bishops’ retreat."


BabyBlue said...

There were hundreds of bishops from other nations not in the West (I have the video of them going into the Big Top - perhaps I should post it?). But TEC has the financial resources, Jim. TEC thought they had bought Lambeth off, until Rowan final address when he turn the tables - on this, John Howe is correct.

The question remains for both of you - how are you going to organize a massive takeover of TEC? What is your plan, your strategy, your financial support, your ability to rouse up the laity to fight to regain TEC? I haven't seen a plan - I'm still a card-carrying Episcopalian, by the way, and I don't see a plan anywhere.

There are lots of speeches and papers - but no actual organization. What resources do you have? What is your plan?

I just don't how - unless there is some catastrophic event that changes the dynamics within the TEC power structure. You can see the mood the progressives are in - it's not pretty.


Jim Simons said...


Who said anything about a take over? We've tried that (actually you and I together) and it didn't work out very well. The very people we helped to have a voice are the one's who are leaving. I think that sometimes just being the church (as in parish) is enough. I see it something akin to bearing witness in exile.