Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bishop warns against ungodly cultural practices

From Nigeria-

THE Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Ijebu South/West, Rev Babatunde F.R Ogunbanwo, has charged Christians to shun practices, which are inimical to the Christian faith and practices. He also advised those in government to use the commemoration of Nigeria’s 100 years of amalgamation as one entity to chart a roadmap for the country’s stability and development instead of indulging on lavish and meaningless festivity.

He gave the advice in his presidential address to the third session of the first synod of the diocese held recently at St. John’s Church in Ogun. The theme of the synod was: ‘Christian living and cultural experiences’

Ogunbanwo urged Christians to oppose idolatry, racism, greed, selfishness, homosexuality, adultery, pornography, sexual immorality and other forms of conduct, which seem to have become the norm in contemporary society.

The bishop called on Christians to stand up against the idolatrous practices to set the people free from oppression of paganism, saying that in playing their roles as the “salt of earth and the light of the world,” believers should be the seasoning, preservative, purifiers and healers of the world.

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JCF said...

"Bishop warns against ungodly cultural practices. Ogunbanwo urged Christians to oppose ... homosexuality"

I'll stick to opposing judgmentally ungodly bishops, thankyouverymuch. >:-/