Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gettysburg church finds, installs 21 memorials

From Gettysburg-

Prince of Peace Episcopal Church in Gettysburg recently installed 21 memorials that were recorded in the parish's archives, but were not displayed in the church.

The "missing" memorials were originally purchased in 1888 to remember soldiers who fought in the Civil War, but had since been damaged or discovered to be nonexistent.

Of the new 21 installations, 13 replaced memorials that had been damaged in a 1970 fire - 10 of which were destroyed beyond repair and three were restored but not redisplayed on the grounds. Eight were paid for but never created.

Doing research for the church's 125th anniversary this summer, parishioner Jim Thomas of Biglerville compared original parish ledgers, receipts and plans for the placement of the memorials. He found that eight memorials had been purchased but not placed among more than 150 existing church stones.

The missing memorials now hang on the church back wall.

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