Monday, May 27, 2013

St. James' Episcopal Church continues Summer Backpack Program

From New Jersey-

School is out and the sound of children’s boisterous fun fills our neighborhoods. You may not notice another sound that begins as a rumble and then moves to a loud growl. This is the sound of a hungry child.

Throughout the school year, hungry children are supported by school-based programs. When school is out for the summer, parents need to stretch their already strained budgets to feed their children for the long summer days. St. James’ Episcopal Church in Hackettstown has been filling this gap for families in the greater Hackettstown area for the past five years. Each year, they provide large bags of food to hungry children every two weeks throughout the summer. United Way of Northern New Jersey has been a faithful partner in this mission, providing major funding for the Summer Backpack Program.

The United Way and St. James’ have collected and raised enough food – last summer over $26,000 worth - to meet the needs of our area’s children. With continued economic pressure, the program grew to serving 270 children as many formerly middle class families could not make ends meet. St. James’ champions food-raising, last year collecting $12,000 worth of food. The United Way of Northern New Jersey supplied the funding for the rest of the budget.

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