Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bishop’s widow ordained priest in Navajoland

From Navaholand-

Amidst the historic beauty of Monument Valley, Catherine B. Plummer was ordained priest in the Episcopal Church on May 11.

A couple of factors made the ordination unusual.

She is the widow of the late Rt. Rev. Steven Plummer, who died in 2005 and who was the first Navajo to serve as Bishop of Navajoland.

The ordination took place at St. Mary of the Moonlight Church, which was built by the late Rev. Baxter Liebler, a missionary priest who served in Navajoland and started missions at Bluff and Monument Valley before he died at St. Mary’s in 1982 at the age of 93.

Cathy Plummer grew up near the mission at Bluff and remembers Liebler as a teacher and priest.

Bishop David Bailey of Navajoland, presided at the ordination service. He said he believed it was the first ordination service ever held at the church.

Plummer becomes the second Navajo woman to serve as priest in Navajoland. She said she is looking forward “to serving my people; to visiting them in their homes” and to leading worship for them.

Bailey said there are eight more Navajo, or Diné, currently in the ordination process.

Since being elected the eighth bishop of Navajoland in 2010, Bailey has worked to increase the number of Diné involved in lay and ordained leadership within the Navajoland Area Mission.

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