Sunday, May 26, 2013

Idaho History: The remarkable career of Episcopal Bishop Tuttle

From Idaho-

"I arrived at Boise Saturday afternoon, October 12, with broken neck, bruised head, aching bones, sore throat and disturbed temper… of all the uncomfortable routes I ever traveled over, that from Salt Lake to Boise is the worst." Thus wrote Daniel Sylvester Tuttle of his first stagecoach ride to Boise in 1867.

Tuttle had been elected Episcopal missionary bishop of Montana in October 1866, with jurisdiction over Utah and Idaho as well, and with headquarters in Salt Lake City. He was elected four months before his 30th birthday, after which he was eligible to take office.

Despite his bone-shaking ride from Salt Lake City by stagecoach, Tuttle was cheered by what he found in Boise City: "St. Michael's is quite church-like. The singing and responses are hearty and good. I was much pleased on Sunday. I felt more as if I were in church than I had done since I left Denver. At the morning service I confirmed five." That small white church, built when St. Michael Fackler was its pastor, is still much as it was when Tuttle first saw it in 1867.

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