Friday, May 31, 2013

Episcopal church shut down after more than 75 years

From North Carolina-

Members of a local congregation are finding themselves without a church.

Saint Andrews Episcopal Church in east Charlotte shut its doors this week, catching many people by surprise.

"It's terribly disappointing, terribly disappointing," said Tom Brice, a church member.

Tom Brice says he's shocked and hurt over the news that St. Andrew's Episcopal Church is shutting down

Brice says he's been a member for 38 years. It's his home away from home.

"There's a lot of elderly people that go to our church and this is family to them, I mean it's one of the friendliest churches,"said Brice.

But membership and finances at the church have been dwindling over the years. And last week, the church had no choice but to let its pastor go. Still, there was hope things would turn around.

So, when the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina called a meeting at the church Wednesday night, members were excited. Then came the bombshell.

"Then when they said 'no, we're shutting it down', it just took us very much by surprise," said Brice.

Church members say they were told the church had fallen behind on payments to the Diocese.

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