Sunday, June 30, 2013

Church of England set to bury Synod homosexuality debate

From The Telegraph-

Officials have quietly shelved a debate on the possibility of registering civil partnerships in Anglican churches for the first time, ahead of a five-day meeting of the Synod which begins in York on Friday.
The motion had been tabled almost 18 months ago and has the backing of almost 120 members.
A separate motion reaffirming the traditional “doctrine of Christian marriage” has also been postponed until another session to allow more time for arguments over women bishops.

Campaigners said the postponement reflected an “appalling” reluctance by some in the Church hierarchy to openly debate the issue of homosexuality.

But others believe it could reflect a behind-the scenes shift at the top of the Church which they are convinced could open the way for an historic change in its approach to same-sex relationships by the end of this year.

Bishops have been lining up meetings with Anglican gay rights campaigners.

They are thought to be privately considering the possibility of introducing “thanksgiving and dedication” services – similar to those offered to divorcees who remarry in register offices – for gay couples in civil partnerships.

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