Monday, July 1, 2013

Dundee tower block demolition narrowly misses church

From The Telegraph (pretty dramatic video)

Between Butterburn and Bucklemucker high rise flats lies the small church of St Martin's, and it's still there, but only just.

The congregation of the Episcopal Church was moved to another venue for its Sunday worship and prayers were said for the church to stay in one piece. And they were answered - well almost.
"There's always a risk with these things and they've just clipped the corner with the rubble coming down," Dr Nigel Peyton, Bishop of Brechin said. "Obviously we'll just need to look into just how much damage has been done. Clearly it has come through the roof in the corner here. But it's just really whether there's more structural damage underneath."

Extensive preparations were made before the demolition was carried out, including putting plastic seal around the church organ to protect it from dust, all valuable items were removed and outer doors sealed with tape.

The two tower blocks had been a landmark in Dundee for 42-years, climbing 25-storeys high they housed 374 flats - they were demolished as part of a regeneration for Dundee's Hilltown area.

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