Monday, July 1, 2013

Church built to honor Civil War soldiers turns 125

From Central PA-

When Gettysburg's Episcopalian community set out to honor fallen soldiers in 1888, they didn't think of a graveyard.

They built a church.

The Memorial Church of the Prince of Peace is the only Gettysburg church designed specifically as a Civil War memorial, parish publicist Art House said. The building houses more than 150 stones and plaques for fallen Union and Confederate soldiers, including 140 that form the foundation of the church's bell tower.

Nearly 100 congregants gathered Sunday for a service meant to honor soldiers, re-dedicate the church and continue its mission as a welcoming, vibrant religious community.

Prince of Peace was “not partisan at a time when we recognized the need for healing,” said the Right Rev. Nathan Baxter, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania.

The Civil War "was the first time the country realized that wars are fought by young people,” Baxter said. “When we realize they are just children, young men and women, it forces us to ask the question, 'What can we do for peace?'”

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