Friday, July 5, 2013

Group talks hold key to women-bishops outcome

From The Church Times-

GENERAL SYNOD members whose vote was pivotal in the defeat of the women-bishops Measure last November are holding their counsel, as they prepare for private discussions this weekend before a crucial vote on Monday.

Last year, eight members of the House of Laity wrote to The Times revealing that 12 of the members of the House had voted against the November Measure "in spite of most of us unreservedly supporting the consecration of women" ( News, 30 November). Several of these, contacted by the Church Times, declined to comment this week, saying that they first wanted to hear from others at the Synod meeting in York.

Two, though, were willing to share their views on Option One, selected by the House of Bishops from the four possible options mapped out by the working group on women bishops ( News, 31 May). A Measure instructing the steering committee to prepare draft legislation based on this option will be debated on Monday. The legislation would amend the canon that makes it unlawful for women to become bishops, and repeal the statutory rights that traditionalist parishes have to pass Resolutions A and B.

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