Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ninth Mission Trip to Nigeria for Woodbury Family from Christ Episcopal

From Minnesota-

Christ Episcopal Church members from Woodbury go to Nigeria every year for medical mission work in the communities where they grew up.

Queen Obasi is working overtime before she goes to Nigeria to do mission work—but not the kind you might think.
She’s not just working hard to prepare schedules and plans for her trip to eastern Nigeria, her ninth annual trip to bring medical care to the communities where she grew up.

She’s literally working overtime at Allina Hospitals to raise thousands of dollars to pay for shipping and customs for medicines, walkers, wheelchairs and a donated ambulance.

“We are stepping out on faith that we will raise the money we need,” she said.

The ambulance and medicines are already in transit, being taken across the Atlantic right now. It will cost $7,000 for shipping and customs charges, as well as transporting all supplies to eastern Nigeria.

The ambulance was donated by Allina Health, and will be used to transport critical patients to the hospital.

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