Thursday, July 4, 2013

Episcopalians celebrate saint Pauli Murray

From North Carolina-

Just over a year since Rev. Pauli Murray was named to the Episcopal Church’s book of saints, she was celebrated in the annual commemorative service at St. Titus’ Episcopal Church.

Murray grew up in Durham with her Fitzgerald relatives and became a lawyer, civil and women’s rights activist, author and first African American female Episcopal priest. She died July 1, 1985. Her day in the Episcopal liturgical calendar is July 1.

The celebrant for the service Monday night was Rev. Stephanie Yancy, interim rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. Yancy, who started her job in May, received an email on her second day asking her to be part of the annual service for Murray, Yancy said during her sermon. St. Titus’ began hosting an annual service in honor of Murray in 2009. This was the second annual service commemorating her inclusion in the book “Holy Women, Holy Men.”

Yancy said she has long been an admirer of Murray and considers her “an older sister in Christ” who opened so many doors for Yancy and others. Both women graduated from General Theological Seminary in New York, and though were students three decades apart, both had the same professor of church history.

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