Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Layperson's take on Mark Lawrence's June 21 Letter: from Lynnette Ras, Guest Author

From Acts 2:6-

axtwosix is reposting this piece because of the comments at the end of the article. I encourage participation in this conversation. I even will allow you to comment anonymously, although I would very much like to know who you are. See how nice and understanding I am? Seriously, though, I realize that some of these responses may well be  anonymous because the writers may fear for their jobs---sympahetic, but trapped, in PECDSC (Mark Lawrence's group). My colleagues in PECDSC are in jeopardy of being deposed by the Episcopal Church in short order. For most, this was "done unto them" by PECDSC leadership with no choice or say in the matter. Won't they at least TALK to Bp. von Rosenberg? Weigh their options? Look at what's happening? I have read that both in San Joaquin and in Pittsburgh the clergy were advised to lay low in the run-up to schism in those dioceses. See Jim Simons' post in his blog "Three Rivers Episcopal" (it can be found in the blog list in the side bar to the right). Look for the article entitled "The Case for Staying in the Episcopal Church".  Really sad. Whatever happened to transparency and openness and collegiality? It's not too late. Every bit of what has happened since last October could still be undone with little, if any, consequence. Lynn wonders below what TEC's response would be if any clergy and/or congregations sought to "come back". They would, in fact, be welcomed joyously and with open arms. 

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