Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ACC welcomed at opening Service at National Arena Kingston Jamaicahttp://www.aco.org/acns/news.cfm/2009/5/4/ACNS4602

Few of the close to 8000 people who attended the opening Eucharist of the Anglican Consultative Council will soon forget the incredible mixture of colour flowers music and energy that was incorporated into the Communion service.

The Service was a national event as all Anglican churches on the island closed to enable their members to attend the service which was broadcast live on television. The Governor General, political leaders interfaith representatives and ecumenical guests were all part of the processions that entered the National Arena to loud applause and welcoming shouts. Numerous drummers and two young women dancing a welcoming ceremony greeted the entrance of the Bishops of the Province of the West Indies and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Music was another unqiue feature of the service. In the welcoming notes The Right Reverend Alfred Reed, the Bishop of Jamaica and The Cayman Islands stated, “I believe the gift of music in one of God’s most precious gifts to the Caribbean…” All of the music used originated in the West Indian Church. A commissioned hymn to mark the visit of the Anglican Consultative Council spoke of diversity, fellowship, listening, arguments, respect and challenge. The peace was exchanged with the song “One Love” being sung by a favourite son of Jamaica Bob Marley.
The Good Shepherd gospel from the 10th chapter of St John was an integral part of the sermon by the Archbishop of Canterbury the text and the audio podcast which are below.


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