Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Uganda primate protests decision to disallow delegate to ACC

The primate of the Anglican Church of Uganda, Henry Luke Orombi, has written a strongly-worded letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, protesting the decision by the Joint Standing Committee (JSC) not to allow an American priest who was appointed as the clerical representative of the Ugandan church to the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) meeting here.

Archbishop Orombi called the decision “unjust, unbiblical, unconstitutional, …short of imperialistic,” and appealed to Archbishop Williams in his capacity as president of the ACC “to help the Joint Standing Committee understand the limits of their authority.”He asked Archbishop Williams to recognize the appointment of Philip Ashey, a former priest of The Episcopal Church, who is now the chief operating officer of the Anglican American Council (AAC). The AAC is part of the Common Cause Partnership, which is advocating for recognition as a separate province in North America.

The JSC of primates and the ACC said on May 1 that it was “not satisfied” with the qualification of Mr. Ashey because his relationship with the Ugandan church was “a result of cross-provincial intervention,” Canon Kenneth Kearon, Anglican Communion secretary general, told a press briefing.


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