Monday, May 4, 2009

Church of England publish 'crammer's prayers' to help stressed exam students

Ooops, I thought they said, "Canmer"

The brief prayers, available to download on the Church of England's website, have been designed to look like the revision cards used by school pupils.

They are even written like a revision aid, in a clear bullet-point style, and remind students to remain calm and keep a sense of perspective.

One of the crammers prayers is written by the Bishop of Lincoln, Rt Revd John Saxbee, who is also the Chair of the Church of England Board of Education.

"Ever since I was a lad, exams have brought me out in a cold sweat. The last minute cramming, the nervous anticipation of turning over the test paper, the packed timetable of exams that never seems to have an end in sight. It all makes it easy to forget that God's plan for each of us is about much more than a test score," said Bishop Saxbee.

"I hope these prayers and assembly plans will help young people face the forthcoming tests with calm and strength, safe in the knowledge that God loves them no matter how bleak the exam timetable looks."

Bishop Saxbee's prayer reads:

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Dusty in the San Joaquin said...

Late breaking news.

Fresno County Superior Court issued its tentative ruling; Bishop Jerry Lamb is the Incumbent of the Corporation Sole.