Tuesday, May 5, 2009

At the Anglican Consultative Council

The Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) is currently meeting in Jamaica. The ACC is a group which co-ordinates action between the different churches of the Anglican Communion around the world. The last meeting was in Nottingham in 2005 (cartoon). The programme for this meeting is here (so you can follow along at home).

As the above cartoon implies a disagreement has arisen. For an official summary see this Statement from the Secretary General of the Anglican Communion, or if you'd like more detail this pdf document containing an exchange of letters about it.

There are news reports too - see Episcopal Life Church of Uganda nominee denied participation in Anglican Consultative Council and then the Anglican Journal: Uganda primate protests decision to disallow delegate to ACC

I will post more as the ACC progresses, but those requiring greater detail would do well to follow the coverage on Thinking Anglicans for links, Colin Coward's blog (blogging from Jamaica) and for photographs you can follow the official Flickr stream.


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