Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Networks of the Anglican Communion Podcast 2

There doesn’t seem to be a Church in Christendom that doesn’t utter the cry, “we need more youth” The International Anglican Youth Network (IYAN) is doing something about that. IAYN is a network of persons of the Anglican Communion that are involved in ministry among young people at the provincial level. Among their aims are raising the profile of youth ministry, increasing resources and encouraging the inclusion of young people at all levels in the decision making of the Church.

At a presentation at ACC-14 a resolution was passed that encourages every province to dedicate one Sunday each year as, ‘Ministries with Youth’ Sunday and asks each province to support youth ministry in a variety of ways. The network was able to be present in Lambeth and has held a variety of network meetings in the past few years. Recognizing that nothing works better than face to face meetings a significant part of their planning is a full network meeting in 2011.The Revd Douglas Fenton is a co-administrator of IYAN and talks in the podcast about the origins hopes and future dreams that recognizes a vital ministry in our Church now and in the days to come.

The pod cast is here-

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