Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Zimbabwe: Bakare Steps Down As Anglican Bishop for Harare

RETIRED Bishop Sebastian Bakare leaves his post as Bishop of the Anglican Church's disputed Harare Diocese following the appointment of Reverend Canon Dr Chad Gandiya as the new leader of the Province of Central Africa.

Bishop-elect Gandiya is expected to take up the post in July this year.

Addressing a Press conference in Harare yesterday, Rtd Bishop Bakare said he was leaving the post since he was appointed on an interim basis.

"As a bishop I am passing on the responsibility.

"I was here on a caretaker basis until another bishop was found," he said.

He said he had been disturbed by the battles for control of the diocese that had raged during his tenure.

"I fathered this diocese . . . I shepherded this diocese so I was looking after its sheep," he said.

Bishop-elect Gandiya, who was trained as a priest in Harare, is currently based in the United Kingdom where he has worked as a lecturer at Birmingham University, among other occupations.

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Bruce Robison said...

We knew +Sebastian when he was doing his grad studies in Berkeley in the late 70's. An exceptionally fine person.