Saturday, May 9, 2009

Breakaway Fort Worth group responds to Episcopal Church lawsuit

From the Dallas Morning News. Notice how in each of the four dioceses that claim to have left that they refer to the continuing TEC Diocese as being "new". Didn't work in San Joaquin.

Late last year, clergy and lay leaders of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth - led by Bishop Jack Iker - voted to withdraw from the Episcopal Church and realign with a more conservative, Argentina-based province of the Anglican Communion. A handful of Fort Worth area churches remained with the Episcopal Church, and parts of other congregations also remained loyal, choosing to meet separately. The Episcopal Church then reorganized the Fort Worth Diocese, with new leaders chosen. And recently the Episcopal Church filed a lawsuit against Iker and other leaders of the breakaway contingent, over church properties and other assets. Confusingly (at least to this reporter) both the seceeding and loyalist groups go by the name Episcopal Diocese of Forth Worth.

Here, from the Rev. Dr. Thomas Hightower, president of the Standing Committee
of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth - the one that broke from the Episcopal Church - is a response to the lawsuit.

Statement here-

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