Friday, January 24, 2014

A woman bishop this year?

From The Church Times-

THE first woman bishop in the Church of England could be appointed by Christmas, the secretary general of the General Synod, William Fittall said on Friday of last week.

At a press briefing in preparation for the meeting of the Synod in February, Mr Fittall said that it was "entirely conceivable" that an appointment could be made: "there is no shortage of vacancies coming up." But Mr Fittall also cautioned that the Synod was "unpredictable".

In November, the General Synod voted overwhelmingly to welcome the new women-bishops proposals, by 378 to eight (News, 22 November). On 11 February, the revision stage of the draft legislation will take place - unusually, without having first been seen by a revision committee. The Synod had "one opportunity to engage with the detail of the Measure and the Canon", Mr Fittall said. "There's a strong hope that the momentum that's been achieved, the consensus that's been building, will carry us through."

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