Sunday, January 19, 2014

Methodist Church charges second high-profile minister for officiating gay son's wedding

From AP-

The United Methodist Church has formally charged another clergyman for presiding at the same-sex wedding of his son.

The Rev. Thomas Ogletree will be tried on March 10 for violating church law against officiating at gay unions, according to his spokeswoman, Dorothee Benz.

It’s the second high-profile United Methodist trial in recent months over same-sex relationships.
In December, pastor Frank Schaefer of central Pennsylvania was defrocked after he officiated at his son’s gay wedding in Hull in 2007.

The church considers homosexuality incompatible with Christian teaching.

Ogletree is a theologian, a former Yale Divinity School dean, and a retired elder in the church’s New York district, or Annual Conference.

Some clergy had filed a complaint after his son’s 2012 wedding announcement appeared in The New York Times.

Ogletree, 80, said he could not refuse his son’s request to preside at the wedding, which was held in New York, where gay marriage is legal.

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