Sunday, January 19, 2014

Same-sex couples prepare for religious wedding ceremonies

From Illinois- (with video)

Riding a crowded bus to Springfield last October, where they would join thousands of other advocates demonstrating for same-sex marriage, John Stilp and Jovi Tomaneng turned to the Rev. Mark Winters, who organized the busload of parishioners making the trip from Naperville.

"By the way, when this passes, we are getting married in the church," Stilp said.

The Episcopal Church's national governing body allows individual bishops to determine whether to sanction same-sex marriages. Bishop Jeffrey Lee, the leader of the Diocese of Chicago, has agreed to let individual churches choose for themselves.

Tom Neal and Mario Cruz-Lopez, of Des Plaines, went to Catholic Mass every Sunday, but once the same-sex marriage law was signed in November, they began searching for another Christian church that would perform their wedding.

At St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Des Plaines, the new priest-in-charge, the Rev. M.E. Eccles, told Neal, 29, and Cruz-Lopez, 30, she'd be willing to perform their ceremony in June if the church council approved. It did.

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