Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why Are We Silent About the Falsification of Biblical History in Artworks?

From Algemeiner-

When I recently visited the impressive Marc Chagall exhibit at the Jewish Museum in New York City, I was surprised that more than half of the 31 paintings include a crucifixion theme.

More surprising, the dying Jesus is clearly a Jew, frequently shown wearing a Jewish prayer shawl rather than a plain loin cloth. For Chagall, the crucifixion represented the common ground of suffering of Christians and Jews. In reminding us of Jesus’ Jewish identity, Chagall departed from the massive numbers of artworks that have falsely pictured Jesus as strictly Christian, thus fueling the historic rift between Christians and Jews.

“Do you know that Jesus was Jewish?” I posed this question to both Christians and Jews when I was doing research for my book Jesus Uncensored: Restoring the Authentic Jew. Many people acknowledged that Jesus was indeed Jewish. But I discovered that what they really meant was that he used to be Jewish – before he became Christian.

“Of course, he was Jewish,” said Jane, a young woman educated in Catholic schools. “And did he remain Jewish throughout his life?” I asked her. “Oh, no, he became a Christian.” “When did that happen?” I asked. “When he was baptized by John the Baptist,” she said. “It says so in the Gospels.”

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