Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nave or Navel? National Cathedral Goes Off Deep End

From Town Hall-

The Episcopal Church-run National Cathedral in Northwest Washington, D.C. has hosted many events in its storied history, from Martin Luther King’s final Sunday sermon before his assassination, to U.S. presidents’ state funerals.

Last week, it was the site of “Seeing Deeper,” a five-day exploration of “expansiveness, immediacy, and insight.” Before we get into that, here’s a brief history.

In 1791, Pierre Charles L’Enfant, who laid out the capital city, included space for a “a great church for national purposes.” The original site now houses the National Portrait Gallery.

A century later, on Jan. 6, 1893, Congress granted a charter signed by President Benjamin Harrison for the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation of the District of Columbia. The foundation stone was laid on Sept. 29, 1907 at a ceremony attended by President Theodore Roosevelt, and it took 83 years to complete the world’s sixth largest cathedral.

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localhist said...

The National Cathedral went off the deep end when it threw a party celebrating the Supreme Court's ruling on DOMA. It is one of the reasons I'm planning to leave the Episcopal Church. Any pretense to being a Christian place of worship is totally lost.