Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Judge Rules Against Episcopal Church's Motion Against Breakaway South Carolina Diocese

From Christian Today-

A District Court judge in South Carolina has ruled against a motion by The Episcopal Church to try and gain the identity of a breakaway diocese.

Judge C. Weston Houck of the District of South Carolina, Charleston Division ruled last week that a motion by TEC against the Diocese of South Carolina will be denied. The motion came in response to Houck's decision last August to dismiss a federal lawsuit the Episcopal Church made against Diocese of South Carolina Bishop Mark Lawrence.

The Rev. Charles vonRosenberg, head of The Episcopal Church in South Carolina, which is comprised of Episcopalians who opposed leaving the national denomination, filed the motion.

"Again, it appears that Bishop vonRosenberg is using the motion to express his disagreement with the Court's ruling and to 'rehash' previously presented arguments," wrote Houck.

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