Saturday, January 25, 2014

One bishop's guide to ecumenism

From The Catholic Register-

Bishop Don Bolen of Saskatoon is Canada’s most ecumenically minded bishop.

He worked seven years for the Pontifical Commission for Promoting Christian Unity in Rome where he co-ordinated Vatican participation in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and watched and encouraged official dialogues between the Catholic Church and Anglicans and Methodists. Though now leading one of Western Canada’s most important dioceses, he remains a member of the Vatican’s ecumenical commission, co-chairs the Anglican-Roman Catholic Commission on Unity and Mission, is a member of the Methodist-Roman Catholic International Commission, sits on the Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue of Canada and is a member of the Evangelical-Roman Catholic International Consultation.

Almost 30 years of thinking and acting ecumenically has given Bolen more than just the Cross of St. Augustine from the Archbishop of Canterbury. The bishop has also drawn some conclusions about how a Catholic should do ecumenism. In conversation with The Catholic Register during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Bolen laid out his six principles for achieving Church unity:

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