Monday, November 3, 2008

Back to doing God's work

A hopeful report from the Diocese of Florida about the return of health after division and lawsuits. (I didn't have the heart to show a dead fish so think of it as a sort of resurrection fish.)

Two years ago, the Rev. Kurt Dunkle's ministry involved waging legal battles with current and former Episcopalians intent on leaving the Episcopal Church.

Dunkle was Bishop Samuel Johnson Howard's right-hand man in a struggle over the future of the Jacksonville-based Episcopal Diocese of Florida.

Today, Dunkle's life couldn't be more different.

He's rector of Grace Episcopal in Orange Park, a parish that saw close to 100 percent of its members leave on Easter 2006. Tuesday found him leading a morning service for about 150 elementary day-school children. His homily utilized toy hands and feet to symbolize the body of Christ and ended with one child's prayer for "all pets including Luke's fish, who died."

The change in mood and job description struck Dunkle as he left the sanctuary.

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PseudoPiskie said...

Success on both sides tho I wish there weren't "sides". I hope everyone will read the entire article.