Friday, November 7, 2008

Jubilant bishops (and others) greet first black US president

From the Church Times in England.

The Rector of Calvary Episcopal Church, Dr Harold Lewis, author of a book on the African American struggle for recognition in the Epis copal Church, said he was delighted and elated. “It signals a new day in American history. The rules have to be rewritten.”

Dr Lewis was the first African American rector in a parish he described as “historically moneyed, old steel barons, pretty straitlaced”. But more than three-quarters of the population were Obama supporters, he said. “The important thing is, he didn’t do business as usual. A lot of his supporters looked beyond his race as an impediment and saw the man, saw his major contribution as an ability to bring people together.

“He got votes from what until now would have been considered unlikely sources. Before the Iowa caucus, there was a foregone conclusion that blacks would get support in black areas, but there are virtually no blacks in Iowa. He has transcended the racial stereotypes and racial applications, and really has done much to fulfil Dr King’s dream. . .

“He is a black man who doesn’t make black the issue. He has trans cended race, while at the same time using it.

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Robert Christian said...

I remember when my white friends parents wouldn't let them come to my birthday party because I had black friends there. This only 35 years ago. Now we have a bi-racial president. I never thought this would happen in my lifetime. God preserve PE Obama.