Friday, November 7, 2008

St. Francis El Paso leaves TEC

I ran piece on this sevral days ago, but here's more. For those who may not know, Bishop Frey is the former Dean of Trinity Seminary in Ambridge.

A statement released by the diocese said that the acting Bishop William Frey --- who had been appointed bishop following the resignation of former Bishop Jeffrey Steenson who last year left the Episcopal Church for the Roman Catholic Church ---- informed the parish that ”if they made the decision Linkto leave the Episcopal Church, they could not take their property with them."

However, the parish stated it would contest the diocese’s claim of ownership. “As early as 2004, we let it be known that our by-laws clearly outlined how and why we owned our own property,” Mr Munden said. “We built this church with money from our parishioners --- not one dime came from the Episcopal Church or from the Diocese. This church and grounds belong to St Francis on the Hill.” St Francis is the second El Paso Episcopal parish to quit the diocese. In 2008 St Clements, one of the largest parishes in the diocese, seceded from the Episcopal Church, and was permitted by Bishop Steenson to take its property with them.

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