Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Names of war dead to be illuminated

This is a nice idea in anticipation of Veteran's Day - Honoring WW I veterans.

As the sun sets on Grand Parade tonight, the names of the 68,000 Canadian soldiers who died during the First World War will burn brightly against the facade of St. Paul’s Anglican Church in downtown Halifax.

The illuminated names will appear from sundown to sunrise every night this week, a vigil intended to symbolically repatriate the bodies of those soldiers who, by law, had to be buried in Europe.

Canadian actor R.H. Thomson and lighting designer Martin Conboy came up with the fitting tribute, sponsored by Democracy 250, Canada’s National History Society and Veterans Affairs Canada.

Similar tributes will be held this week in Fredericton, Toronto, Regina, Edmonton and Ottawa.

"This vigil is not only an act of remembrance, but also a calling into life again of each of the young men who lost their lives during the horrendous battles of 1914 to 1918," Mr. Conboy said in a recent news release.


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