Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good Stuff in Canada

Unionville congregation builds bridges with Africa.

Anglican church's outreach to Tanzanian parish battles ideological split in communion.

The most precious gift Rev. Canon Philip Bristow ever received was three eggs and a handful of crushed nuts. The three other people he was with that day each got three eggs, as well, and one also got a hen.

"It was a widow's mite," Bristow says, thinking back to the day last August in Tanzania. "A dozen eggs and a hen was a fortune to that poor woman."

The gifts were thanks for the work done and the money raised by Bristow and his congregants at Unionville's St. Philip's On-the-Hill Anglican Church for the elderly woman's parish in the village of Lugala.

In three years, St. Philip's has raised $177,000, built a school, church halls, a hostel, a meeting centre, a rectory, dug three wells and bought bags of maize, AIDS medicines, mosquito nets and school uniforms.

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