Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nathan Humphrey dissects Bishop Iker's letter To The Diocese of Ft. Worth

The fourth (and final) diocese to vote on realignment will be Ft. Worth, next weekend. Bishop Jack Iker wrote to the Diocese describing The Episcopal Church with the same sort of distortions we have heard in Pittsburgh. Nathan Humphrey, a priest in the Diocese of Washington DC goes through it section by section. Its a little long but helpfully accurate. (Thanks to Bruce Robison for sending this along)

•Iker :Our Diocese believes that heretical teaching by the church causes separation and division, that unity and truth must go together. TEC believes we should tolerate heresies and false teaching for the sake of remaining together.

Humphrey: Some elements within TEC may see the comprehensive nature of Anglicanism as being accommodationist. My own view is that heresies and false teaching exists everywhere, and within every Christian soul. We should follow the parable of the Wheat and the Weeds. Heresy does not in itself cause schism. Schism causes schism. The remedy for schism is choosing to maintain a faithful, stable, kenotic witness and to proclaim the truth as one understands it in love, constantly praying for patience and perseverence and the grace of conversion for oneself and others, and the gift of joy and thanksgiving under all circumstances, whether positive or negative. This remedy is edifying to the Church and contributes to its reform. Schism simply multiplies sects and confirms heresy where it already grows. Schism is heresy's greatest handmaiden. Heresy flourishes when people are deluded into thinking that separation will ensure pure doctrine and right order.

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