Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Good Stuff in TEC: Rhode Island

Volunteers reopen St. John soup kitchen

It didn’t take long at all for the word to get out.

Five months after closing its doors for want of a new leader, the soup kitchen at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John has reopened, offering up the same kind of full-course meal that had long made it one of the city’s most popular meal sites among the destitute and the hungry.

The food program closed in May when Tom Veronneau, the executive consultant who was the volunteer director, moved on after 10 years of volunteering, and no one could be found at the time to replace him. But now a new cadre of volunteers and organizers has come forward to reopen the meal site. Veronneau, who said he would remain on board as executive director for another month or so, is helping them get started.

“A couple of students from Brown University called me a couple of months ago and said their research showed that there was a clear need for a soup kitchen on Tuesday nights and they wanted to see what they could do,” Veronneau said. “I had to agree that in these troubled times, people need this more than ever.”

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