Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Court Upholds Ruling for Megachurch To Surrender Millions in Real Estate

An interesting piece from the Washington Post. Its about a church that broke from the denomination but tried to keep the same name as well as its property. Looks like they are going to lose both. Interesting parallel to what the Pittsburgh Diocese of the Southern Cone is claiming. Read it all.

A Prince George's County congregation that split from its denomination about 10 years ago must turn over tens of millions of dollars in property to its original church, an appeals court ruled in a lawsuit that has been closely watched by other pastors and denominations concerned about the control of church assets in such cases.

The Maryland Court of Special Appeals affirmed a 2006 ruling by Prince George's Circuit Judge Sheila Tillerson-Adams ordering From the Heart Church Ministries, a megachurch founded by the Rev. John A. Cherry in 1999, to surrender almost $40 million in real estate, including three sanctuaries, houses and a large tract of property the ministry owns, to the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.

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